Our repertoire spans over a thousand years of history and multiple continents: Russian Folk Songs (Kalinka, The Legend of the Twelve Brigands), Cossack marches (Oi, Na Hory, Vyotsa), Slovak lullabies (Hej, Pada Pada), Macedonian Wedding Songs (Ne Sedi, Djemo), Liturgical music (Blazhen Muzh, Bogoroditse Devo), and the occasional American Spiritual (Ride the Chariot, Steal Away).

You can listen to samples of our music here, check out our YouTube channel , or order a CD here.

Music and Video Samples

  • Borodino

  • Shen Khar Venakhi

  • Kak Poidu

  • Po Maryam, Po Volnam

  • Blazhen Muzh