Music Director

Stepan Sveshnikov joined the chorus last year as its musical director. He has lived in many places, but you could say his hometown is Mucino, Oregon.

Stepan's first introduction to choral music was the incense-filled interior of the Russian church where his father served as priest. Though he plays classical piano and conducts genres from Sondheim to Mozart, Stepan’s true passion is the music of the slavic world, and it is with the Yale Russian Chorus that that passion has truly taken flight.

Tenor 1

Zach Black

Ladislav Charouz

Meredith Derecho

Tenor 2

Raymond Gao

Dan Morgan

Connor Wood


Lance Kokonos

Alaric Krapf

Henry Loughlin

Josh Purtell

Eric Yu


Beau Birdsall

Michael Chang

Brooks Chupp

Adam Haliburton

Phillip Vorster

Micah Young


Photo courtesy of the YRC Alumni Association and CrumlicMedia.